Living without a cell phone

          Almost everyone today has a cell phone, celular-300x225and people everywhere spend hours using it. But a few people choose to live without a cell phone because they think there are advantages.
          The first advantage is that people socialize more with another person than people with have it. Second, the cell phone remove your attention and exclude the people with are around you. Third, they can cause diseases like cancer, because every cell phone issues electromagnetic waves and that is bad for health.
          On the other hand, there are also disadvantages. For example, people who want use internet for something can access on the cell phone. Also it can be use to do calls and send message to another person anytime.
          In conclusion, although living without a cell phone has some advantages. I think today it’s unrealistic and that we should just try don’t use cell phone when you haven’t someone close or when you don’t need do urgent things.


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